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Soils and Mulch Products

Soil and Mulch ProductPrice/Yard
Garden Mix$58.75
Planters Mix$48.30
Screened Top Soil$38.00
Screened Fill Dirt$29.00
Premium Compost$41.55
Soil Preparation Compost$31.20
Cedar Mulch$94.50
Colored Mulch (Red, Brown or Black)$51.30
Natural Colored Mulch$43.20

Aggregate Products

Aggregate ProductPrice/TonPrice/Yard
Sand - Mason Sand / Play Sand$109.70$165.55
Sand - Washed Concrete$33.50$50.25
Pea Gravel$47.85$64.60
River Rock (Multi Color) - ¾"$63.85$83.00
River Rock (Multi Color) - 1½"$75.65$98.35
Cobble Stone (Multi Color) - 2" - 4" (Out of Stock)$74.85$97.30
Cobble Stone (Multi Color) - 3" - 6"(Out of Stock)$74.85$97.30
Black Stone Crusher Fines$48.05$72.10
Black Stone - 1½” and ¾”$65.80$88.85
Mountain Stone Crusher Fines (Granite)$39.60$59.40
Mountain Stone (Granite) - ¾”$75.05$97.60
Mountain Stone (Granite) - 1½”$71.70$93.20
Mountain Stone Road Base (granite)$51.85$72.60
Concrete Road Base - Class 6$32.80$41.00
Concrete Rock - ¾”$37.00$37.00
Concrete Rock - 1½”$37.00$37.00
Asphalt Road Base$32.80$49.20
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