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Landscape Materials Calculator

Enter two fields, then press the button next to the field you wish to calculate.


  1. You just put in a new 10 x 30 ft garden. You're going to amend the soil by digging in a 3 inch layer of compost. How much compost will you need? On the calculator, you would enter:
    • 300 for Square Feet (10*30)
    • 3 for Inches Deep
    • Press the Yards button, and you will see that you need 2.77778 yards (cubic).
  2. Now, using the example above, let's say you will round the yards to 3. How many inches of compost can you dig into your new garden?
    • Leave Square Feet the same, just enter 3 for Yards and press Inches.
    • You will be able to dig a 3.24 inch layer of compost into your garden.
  3. Suppose you can get a great deal on mulch, but you can ony get 10 yards at that price. You want to know how many square feet that mulch will cover if you make it 4 inches deep. You would enter:
    • 4 for Inches Deep
    • 10 for Yards (cubic)
    • Press the Square Feet button, and you will see that you could cover 810 square feet 4 inches deep with that mulch.
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