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September 7, 2015



More on Mulch:

One of the main reasons you’d mulch in fall or early winter would be to protect the plants from the cold, but more importantly from the alternating of freezing and thawing temperatures.  If plants or bulbs freeze and then thaw and then freeze and then thaw, not only can the roots get damaged, but also bulbs and the plants themselves can get heaved from the ground where they are further exposed to temperature extremes and can’t get the protection and moisture they need from the soil.

If when the frost does come and you are checking for plants that may have popped out of the ground and are able push them back into the earth, just do so, as you go along with your mulch.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those poor trees with a good 8 to 12 inches of mulch right up against the trunk. That is a big mistake, because it will encourage pests.  The mulch, stacked against the tree creates a great environment for rot, disease, insects and other creatures like voles and mice that may chew on the bark and girdle the tree.


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